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At Poochie Couture located in Boca Raton you will find a wide assortment of rare and special breeds. We love puppies and want nothing more than to see the puppies we take in make it to families who will love them unconditionally and develop the special connection we all deserve. Poochie Couture sets itself apart from other puppy store in that we take great care in finding the most humane breeders around. We also guarantee your puppies health and wellbeing because we feed our puppies only the best puppy food to fuel their growing bodies. We love seeing your faces and can’t wait to meet you when you come to peruse our beautiful store where you will find not only adorable puppies for sale who love seeing your face too but a wide selection of accessories and high quality dog food for your new family member. We sell small breed dogs that are great for your family from teacup puppies for sale, maltese puppies for sale to yorkie puppies for sale.

Don’t just take our word of all this either! Just take a look at all the happiness our store and services bring to families all around South Florida and Boca Raton. Beside our selection of rare breeds, accessories, and food we also house a dog grooming center you can bring your new pet to every month as necessary. Our highly trained and experienced dog groomers will give your dog a low stress experience and you will be more than happy with the results. Come to Poochie Couture today! Call us at: 561-419-8842

Puppy Breeds We House Include:

Poochie Couture
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Phone: 561-419-8842