Pomeranian Puppies Boca Raton Florida

pomeranian puppy boca ratonOne of our most popular puppy breeds in Boca Raton is the Pomeranian. Pomeranian puppies are super cute and we have the best selection around! You can count on all of our Pomeranian puppies for sale having a clean bill of health. Not only do we make sure that they have everything they need medically, but we also only work with a select few ethical breeders for all of our puppies!

About Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranians are incredibly cute, fluffy puppies that you are sure to fall in love with! They have a double coat which leads to an incredibly soft feel to the touch. They do require regular grooming, but are not very difficult to groom. One thing that many people don’t know is that a Pomeranian’s coat can gradually change color over time!

Pomeranian’s are actually fairly close in lineage to wolves and working dogs. They are incredibly intelligent and tend to be very outgoing. As with all breeds of dogs, their upbringing will also determine their  personality, but as a whole the breed is typically very friendly. Prepare to be stopped by a ton of strangers who want to tell you how cute your dog is! Once you take a Pomeranian into your home, prepare to have a new best friend for a long time. Pomeranian’s are very loyal and have a solid lifespan expectancy of 12-16 years!

Why Choose Poochie Couture for Your Pomeranian Puppies in Boca Raton?

Poochie Couture is the #1 puppy store  in Boca Raton for puppies of all kind, especially Pomeranians. All of our puppies have all of their shots and vaccinations and come with a microchip already in place. you also get one free visit to veterinarian Dr. Barry Wander on us! IF you are looking for a new Pomeranian puppy for sale in Boca Raton, stop by Poochie Couture today!

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