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yorkie puppies boca ratonPoochie Couture has the best and cutest selection of Yorkie puppies for sale in Boca Raton. Come to the store today and find the Yorkie puppy that you love and take him or her home with you today!

Just like with the rest of the puppies for sale at our store in Boca Raton, our Yorkies for sale have been bred ethically and have received nothing but the best of care since the day they were born. From the veterinarian care they receive, to the food they eat, we make sure that all of our Yorkie puppies for sale are healthy and ready to love when they leave for their new home.

All of our Yorkies receive full veterinary care which includes shots, vaccines, deworming and micro chipping. They are also given vitamins which helps with their health as well as their appearance and coat. Not only do they have all of the veterinary care they need before you pick up your new puppy, they also come with one free visit to the vet for a checkup after you’ve had your new Yorkie home with you for a little while.

About Yorkie Puppies

“Yorkie” is short for Yorkshire Terrier. They are the cutest little puppies and they have great personalities! Yorkie puppies are very small, but they tend to think that they are bigger than they actually are. They have no problem playing or investigating much larger dogs so this is something you want to be careful of when taking your new Yorkie puppy for a walk. Yorkie’s also shed very little, so this great for the dog owners that don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up dog hair all of the time. Yorkie’s can tend to be a bit noisy, but even their “yapping” is incredibly cute! Yorkies make for a great dog for families or anyone living in a smaller apartment.

Come to Poochie Couture For Your New Yorkie Puppy Today!

When you purchase your new Yorkie puppy from Poochie Couture, you can rest assured that you are getting a purebred Yorkie that is fully healthy when you get him or her. It comes with all of its vaccinations, is dewormed and micro chipped, so your new Yorkie Puppie will be ready to take home on the spot!



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