How to Choose a Reputable Puppy Store

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reputable puppy storeAre you looking for a puppy, but not sure about where to go to find your new furry friend? It can be tough to find a puppy store that you trust, takes care of the animals residing in the location, offers the breeds you are looking for, and provides the necessary shots for immunization. So when you are looking for a puppy store that you can count on, it can be helpful to know which steps to take so you can find the puppy you’ve always wanted.

Ways to Find the Best Puppy Store

There are multiple ways you can find a reputable puppy store, including reaching out to people you know, asking for referrals, contacting pet shops in the area, doing research online, and going to see the puppies for yourself when you have options!

Ask a Friend or Relative

One great way to find a trusted puppy store is to ask people that you yourself trust! Your family and friends may provide excellent suggestions for where to go to find the best pet shops in your area. They may know the right direction to point you in, especially if they just brought home a puppy of their own!

Reach Out to Pet Stores

Another way you can find a trustworthy puppy store in the area is to contact local pet stores. Even if the pet sttores in your area don’t have dogs or puppies for sale, they may still know about some trusted puppy stores nearby that they can recommend for you.

Request Referrals From Veterinarians

If you have previously had a dog or another pet and went to a veterinarian, then it can be a good idea to request a recommendation for a reliable puppy store. With the high traffic of pet owners they take in, a veterinarian just may know who to refer you to.

Do Your Research

Regardless as to whether you are checking out a place that someone referred you to or you found a puppy store nearby on your own, you should still do your research. Even just looking up the puppy store’s website or checking for reviews online can be helpful in making your decision about whether the puppy store you are looking to find a new puppy from is a reputable company with healthy puppies.

Meet the Puppies Yourself

While you can ask any number of reliable sources about a good puppy store, it is all going to come down to when you see and interact with the puppies. If you get to a puppy store and meet with the dogs but find the conditions to be poor or the puppies to be improperly treated and underfed, then you may want to find a puppy elsewhere. When you go to check out puppies, you’re going to see how well you get along with the puppies you are looking to commit as well as check out where they have been raised. This is important because it can affect the puppy’s health and you want to be sure that your puppy is coming from a reputable source where they were properly cared for to minimize risks of them being unhealthy.

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