How to Control Your New Puppy

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Whether you just brought home a new Golden Retriever, Labradoodle puppy, Yorkie puppy or another type of adorable pup, you may be wondering the best ways to control and train them. Puppies require a great deal of attention and have the tendency to be silly or even act out. That’s why looking into some suggestions to control your puppy can help the both of you adjust to one another!

Tips to Control and Train Your Puppy

When you want to know how to control your puppy best, there are certain tips that can be most beneficial for you! From having a dog crate in the house to saying certain words to get your puppy to understand you, these tips can help your puppy behave and learn what you want.

Make Use of a Dog Crate

Dog crates are one of the most valuable puppy supplies on the market because they have multiple uses. If you are not ready to let your puppy sleep out of a cage just yet, then a dog crate can be a great place for your puppy to sleep. It can also be a place where your puppy feels protected, retreats to when wanting to be left alone, or even for punishment after the puppy has acted out.

Know Where the Puppy is At All Times

It’s mostly when you don’t have your eyes on where your puppy is that they act out. Watching your puppy is wise, so that you can supervise their activity. This can prevent them from taking care of business in the house, chewing on your personal items, finding snacks or crumbs to eat, or damaging any furniture.

Get Some Gates Set Up In Your Home

If you know you will be gone for a period of time during the day and don’t want to lock your puppy up the whole day, it can be helpful to have some baby gates on hand so that you can block off sections of your home. This gives your puppy more space and the freedom to move around, but limits the amount of potential trouble your puppy could get into!

Start Using Specific Words for Your Puppy to Understand

When you are dog training your new puppy and trying to keep control of them, it is important for you to use keywords that they will come to understand and that you say these words in a specific tone so they can tell that you are being serious. Words like “No”, “bad, and “don’t” can be particularly helpful but positive words and direction can be good as well. These words can include “Good boy/girl”, “outside”, and “treat”.

Give Your Puppy the Opportunity to Go Outside

It’s important that you teach your puppy to go outside, but also that you give your puppy the opportunity to go out. You can’t get mad if they go in the house and you didn’t listen to their barking or signs of wanting to go out. Give your puppy the opportunity to go out and take care of business, so you don’t get mad if they go in the house!

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