Dog Grooming Safety 101: 6 Things that Make DIY Dog Grooming Easier!

by / Thursday, 18 June 2015 / Published in Grooming

You envision the perfect pup fur-cut, don’t you? Whether you’ve groomed a dog before or not, some dogs are going to take you by surprise. There are a few things that can help prevent mistakes and even injury when dogs get nervous, irritated, or bored. Here are 6 things that make styling easier and safer for your pup:Dog-Grooming-Boca-Raton

1. Slips and Falls

Wet floors and surfaces can lead to your injury if you fall or slip. Wet tables or stools can also lead to a dog or person’s injury if the dog should likewise slip or fall. Keep areas dry to prevent injuries.

2. Keep Dogs Separate (if grooming more then one)

Nervous or agitated dogs are often on edge, and contact with another dog could lead to a brawl. Ensure dog and human safety by keeping dogs apart during the grooming process.

3. Calming Techniques

Sedatives are not recommended for grooming because they can have potentially harmful side effects. Massage and aromatherapy, however, have shown to provide natural calming effects for dogs who are being groomed.

4. Know Your Dog

All dogs are different. If you aren’t the owner, ask him or her which areas the dog doesn’t like to have touched. If you are the owner, be mindful of these areas as you groom your pup to reduce the likeliness of a bite.

5. Restraint Devices

Grooming arms with quick-release action are preferred for grooming, and dogs should not be left free in the room if you are absent. Place the dog inside a kennel if you will leave the room. Of course, if you aren’t a professional groomer, you should still keep gentle restraint on your mind.

6. Sharps

Always use the utmost caution when using clippers, brushes, or scissors near a dog, especially near their eyes. Be meticulous, deliberate, and take your time to ensure dog safety.

The main keys to dog and human safety while grooming is to keep a gentle restraint on the pup while working methodically and carefully. The above list is a great reference and reminder to point to the main tips that a pro or DIY groomer can implement into their grooming regimen!

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