What to Do When Your Puppy is Teething

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dog teethingDid you notice your puppy walking around with your shoe in their mouth or bite marks on cable wires in the home? If you just got your pup from the puppy store recently, then your puppy may be teething and leaving you both feeling helpless. That’s why it can benefit you to learn about what you can do for your puppy when they are teething. While puppies can go through teething for up when they are 9 months old, sometimes even older, teething can also be a behavioral problem for dogs too.

Tips for When Your Puppy is Teething

There are a number of ideas for you to help your puppy when they are going through the uncomfortable teething process. Whether you have recently found a Golden retriever puppy for sale, teacup puppy for sale, Boxer puppy for sale, or another breed of dog for sale, you can follow these quick tips to help your puppy out while they are teething.

Keep Your Shoes in a Closet

Puppies are famous for grabbing your shoes and taking them away to chew on. By the time you realize your shoe has become a puppy’s chew toy, the sole of the shoe may already be ripped off! The best way to guarantee that your puppy doesn’t play with your shoes is to keep them out of reach by leaving them in a closet, on a rack, or in a room that the puppy does not enter.

Leave Rags and Towels Hung High

Another home object that puppies love to play with are rags and towels. Make sure that if you leave a rag hanging on the wall or oven door, the puppy cannot reach it. Otherwise, the puppy may end up pulling it down and playing with it. Another way that puppies get their hands and teeth on towels is when you are cleaning up the floor with a rag and they mistakenly think it is a game. A good way to avoid them using your cleaning rag as a chew toy is to lock them up while cleaning, leave the puppy in a different room when using a rag, or give the puppy another toy to play with in the meantime.

Purchase Chew Toys from a Puppy Supplies Store

If you don’t already have any toys for your puppy to play with, consider buying at least one. Puppy toys are great for them to keep occupied with and chew on. Getting your puppy a chew toy will show them that the toy is the only acceptable object to chew on, so they should choose that and not your shoes, rags or other home objects.

Use the Word “No”

If your puppy is new and young while teething, then they may not be properly trained or understand that what they are chewing on is not acceptable. When your puppy bites on your shoes, table rags, blankets, or another object of yours, try looking straight at your puppy and saying in a serious voice, “No”. You may even want to train your dog to stop acting out by using other keywords too, such as “Let Go”, “Drop It”, or “stop!”.

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